The February Upgrade: Windows 11 Restores The Time And Date On Multiple Monitors

    The time and date have been restored to the Windows 11 taskbar across multiple monitors by Microsoft. It was missing when the app first launched. The big February update added it along with other taskbar enhancements. If you’ve been missing the taskbar time and date on multiple displays in Windows 11, you’ll be glad to know it’s back. After delivering Windows 11 without the ability to do so last year, Microsoft is now adding it back.

    If you’ve been missing the taskbar time and date on multiple displays in Windows 11, you’ll be happy to know that it’s back. After introducing Windows 11 last year without the option to see the time or date on secondary monitors, Microsoft is now bringing it back.

    “When you connect other monitors to your device, we added the clock and date to the taskbars of other monitors,” says the company. Reads the Release Notes for a new build of Windows 11 that was just made available to Release Preview testers. It’s great to see one of the many missing taskbar capabilities reappear in Windows 11, but Microsoft still has a lot of work to do.

    What More Is There?

    In February, Microsoft promised a larger-than-usual update to Windows 11, and it appears that it is finally on its way to everyone. A public preview of Android apps for Windows 11 is included in the upgrade. As well as new Notepad and Media Player Programs and a slew of other taskbar enhancements. In this version, the weather widget will return to the taskbar, and Microsoft Teams calls will have a new mute/unmute capability in the taskbar. You’ll also be able to screen share a specific Program or window directly into a Microsoft Teams call from the taskbar.

    Microsoft hasn’t said when the latest Windows 11 update will be accessible to everyone. But given that it’s still in Release Preview, it should only be a matter of days before it becomes more widely available. Microsoft has said that it will test new experimental Windows 11 features until 2022.




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