iPhone 14 Price Shock Revealed In Apple Exclusive

    The price of iPhones is about to increase. There is controversy over how much and which models will see price increases in the next iPhone 14, according to recent leaks. One of the most reputable insiders in the business has an explanation right now.

    iPhone 14 News On The Role

    Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst of TF International Securities, predicts that the “iPhone 14 series ASP [average selling price] would climb by about 15% vs iPhone 13 series ASP” in recent tweets.

    Yes, 15% is noticeably higher than previous price leaks, and it has raised concerns about the possibility of an entry-level iPhone 14 Pro Max costing $1300. However, the bigger picture is a little more nuanced.

    What’s New?

    The average selling price for iPhone 14 models would be between $1,000 and $1,050, according to Kuo, “owing to two iPhone 14 Pro price rises and increased shipment proportion.”

    It’s challenging to break this down, but Kuo’s figures suggest that the ASP for the iPhone 13 range was closer to $900.

    This indicates that users may expect to pay, on average, $150 more for an iPhone 14 than for an iPhone 13. This appears to be one of the highest ASP increases in iPhone history.

    Additionally, Kuo claims that despite price increases, more people will purchase iPhone 14 Pro variants. How is Apple going to do this? It is a typical instance of push and pull.

    What’s More?

    First, Apple will give iPhone 14 Pro versions more exclusive upgrades than ever before, providing a clear “pull” in an effort to “differentiate” Pro and non-Pro models and upsell buyers. Apple is anticipated to increase prices by $100 thanks to the product’s capability and appeal.

    The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will now start at $1099 and $1199, respectively, as a result of this pricing increase.

    The push comes in second because the regular iPhone 14 is probably going to induce palpable dissatisfaction.

    Digging Into More Details

    Only the smallest iPhone 13 enhancements will be available on the base model, encouraging customers to purchase the pricier Pro variants.

    Third, the iPhone 14 Max will handle a lot of the hard lifting. The $699 iPhone 13 Mini will be replaced by this new $899 6.7-inch variant.

    That’s a $200 pricing difference, but for those who purchased the iPhone 14 and are now seeking for something better, it’s only a modest $100 price rise.

    The entry point for the new models has also gone up by $100 because the Max will sit above the $799 iPhone 14.

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