Meta’s Avatar Shop Features Fashionable Outfits

    I have great news for everybody who has ever said, “I want my digital avatar to wear poorly rendered designer clothes.”

    Users of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger may purchase virtual clothing for their avatars via a new online store called meta. Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne are the first labels to arrive at the store, and the clothing selection includes suits, motocross gear, and hoodies with logos.

    CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg announced the addition of new brands in a Facebook post.

    According to him, “digital commodities will be a crucial form of self-expression in the metaverse and a major engine of the creative industries.”

    To make digitally branded garments, high-end fashion brands are working more frequently with tech firms. Fourteen days added Balenciaga skins last year so that gamers could buy clothing for their characters in-game, such as a branded hoodie. Players can visit Gucci Town in the Roblox, which has a garden with the trademark of the company and a virtual store.

    Despite the high-profile personalities who attended Meta’s opening, the news broke discreetly this afternoon, and when contacted for more information, the firm remained silent.

    Although it wasn’t immediately clear how customers might access the store, Meta claims that it will open “soon.”

    I’m hoping the virtual clothing will be less expensive than the genuine ones. Eva Chen, Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships, wore a cropped t-shirt, low-rise trousers, and a white belt that was ornamented with Zuckerberg’s image during a livestream today.

    I doubt I could have ever accomplished it, he continued. I concur!


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