Fortnite Tests A Technique To Find Teammates

    Playing with your pals can be enormous fun for fourteen days, but getting paired with random gamers is more of a hit-and-miss proposition. Coordination of a successful strategy can be difficult in some of the randomized groups I’ve been in, especially when some team members want to rush into battle while others like to play patiently.

    Epic Games, the creator of Fourteen Days, is testing new social tags for profiles that allow you to describe your preferred style of play and can be used to connect you with other players who share your interests in order to help you find stronger competitors.

    A blog post claims that tags can contain information about your preferred game modes and if you wish to use a microphone.

    If once you’ve added at least one social tag, you can use the new “Search by party” area of the sidebar menu to send and accept party invitations from anyone in your server region who have matching tags. You can enable or disable Looking for Party. Therefore, simply turn it off if you don’t want to get invitations from other players based on your tags.

    However, because these are still in testing, you might not have access to social tags or locate party features.

    According to Epic, “These features will be handed out to all players progressively at a rate dependent on testing.” Additionally, you should confirm that you have the game’s most recent update, which was made available on Tuesday.

    The final Fortnite season, which Epic began earlier in June, is all about the atmosphere. You can combat Darth Vader on Fourteen Days Island to obtain a throwing lightsaber as part of the most recent update. Darth Vader is an unlocked skin for this season’s Battle Pass.

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