Amazon’s First Fully Automated Mobile Warehouse Robot Is Proteus

    The first fully automated mobile warehouse robot from Amazon has been unveiled, and it can carry and move carts around a warehouse. The robot, known as Proteus, can even work alongside human coworkers in the same area.

    In a video introducing Proteus, the company can be seen demonstrating how easily the robot can lift and move a cart by slipping underneath it. The robot can also be seen in the video stopping its motion when a person approaches and stands in front of it.

    In the past, Amazon has used robots in its warehouses, but only in caged sections that are off-limits to people. With Proteus, Amazon appears to have found a solution to the issue of robots running into people at the office. Proteus, according to Amazon, can help increase security at its warehouses.

    “Proteus is Amazon’s first mobile robot with full autonomy. In the past, it has been challenging to securely integrate robotics into workplaces where humans and robots share the same area.

    According to Amazon’s YouTube commentary, “We think Proteus will change that while remaining intelligent, secure, and cooperative.

    In the video, Proteus is seen bringing itself to a charging station to recharge, suggesting that it is also aware of its power state while at work.

    Although the robot technology looks ideal for managing warehouse inventory, it will be subject to labor laws.

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