Telegram Premium Launching This Month

Telegram Premium Launching This Month

We recently received a strong indication that Telegram won’t remain free indefinitely. Last month, tipster Alessandro Paluzzi shared pictures illustrating Telegram’s impending paid features.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has revealed more information about what customers get with a Telegram premium subscription and when they will be available.

Durov stated that the Telegram Premium subscription plan would go live at some point this month in a Telegram message, but he did not specify when.

Additionally, he reaffirmed that all current Telegram features would continue to be free. However, the company’s premium subscription is the best option for individuals who want to go beyond that.

Having a subscription plan will also have other advantages. According to Telegram, individuals that pay for the service will have access to new features before those who do not, which includes the majority of us.

A premium subscription is what you should buy if you’re actually interested in Telegram’s future developments. Regarding the planned premium service for Telegram, Durov mentioned the following.

At some point, paying users will also be able to view the files, media, and stickers that the free users have contributed. Users who have received premium reactions in a message will also have access to them for free. Subscribers to Telegram Premium will also get access to stickers that are only available to them, in addition to reactions. We don’t yet know if free users will have access to these expensive stickers, though.