WhatsApp Lets You Silence And Message Group Callers

    To make managing group calls easier, WhatsApp has added a few new capabilities. In a tweet seen by Android Central, the business declared that as of this week, you can mute and message particular individuals in your group calls.

    What’s More?

    In circumstances where someone might not be aware that everyone else can hear what is happening in the background of their house or office, the former should be especially useful.

    A banner that the firm has put will also let you know when someone joins a group call.

    Digging In More Details

    Recently, WhatsApp has added a number of new features. This week saw the launch of new privacy toggles that give users more precise control over their profile photographs and Last Seen status, in addition to the group calling feature.

    Additionally, the business has at long last made it simpler for Android customers to transfer their chat history to a new iPhone.

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