This Controversial Duo’s Spotify Show Is A Hit

    With “Breaking Bread” on Spotify Live, Jackie and Claudia Oshry have brought their considerable audience to the platform. The streamer did not advertise the show. Spotify’s podcast list is currently topped by a brand-new original, but it would definitely prefer if you were unaware of this. Breaking Bread, a brand-new pop culture show on Spotify Live, debuted last week. The songs by Breaking Bread currently stand at Spotify has a brand-new original podcast at the top of its list of podcasts, it would probably prefer if you were unaware of it.

    Breaking Bread, a brand-new pop culture shows on Spotify Live, debuted last week. After occupying the number two position for the majority of the week, Breaking Bread’s recordings are currently ranked number 11 on Spotify’s top podcast chart, just below Joe Rogan. The show’s two hosts, Jackie Oshry Weinreb and Claudia Oshry (also known as Instagram user girlwithnojob), both of whom have a sizable built-in fanbase, are to blame for its popularity and the potential reason the corporation is keeping quiet about its new smash. Although the sisters have contributed a sizable portion of their fan base to the app, they have a contentious past that could present a challenge for Spotify at a time when the firm is exercising additional caution.

    After The Daily Beast revealed that their mother is well-known conspiracy theorist and anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller and that the sisters had both previously posted racist and anti-Muslim statements on social media, the sisters’ short-lived show on Oath, Verizon’s now-defunct media brand, was cancelled. Following an apology and the deletion of their Twitter accounts, the sisters relaunched The Morning Toast as a stand-alone podcast. Although some followers have expressed discomfort by their refusal to denounce their mother’s actions, their following is apparent.

    The Oshry sisters maintain what appears to be a sizable Patreon base, with more than 3.5 million Instagram followers between them, and their flagship show currently holds a top 100 spot on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (the stats are now private, but as of 2019, they had more than 9,000 subscribers). An inquiry for comments was not answered by the Oshry sisters.

    The Oshry sisters’ show doesn’t make it clear if they are controversial or not. Both Breaking Bread and The Morning Toast mostly feature standard pop culture stuff. Britney Spears’ wedding, Hailey Bieber’s skincare company, and Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe dress. Fans can interact with the show on the Spotify Live platform by requesting help on amusing subjects like puppy training and bachelorette problems.

    The original episode airs on the Live app and is then published as a podcast on Spotify, following the format of other Spotify Live series including After Hours with Alex Cooper and Dating Harry Jowsey. Unlike other programs, Spotify did not advertise Breaking Bread. The corporation didn’t promote the show on any of its social media channels or make a press release about it. The Oshrys’ own social media profiles and podcast appear to have been the only sources of promotion.

    That might be connected to the criticism Spotify has gotten for its nine-figure contract with contentious Joe Rogan. Rogan has the undeniably largest podcast in the world, and Spotify needs him as its podcasting power increases.

    However, Spotify’s unwavering backing of Rogan has cost the company some money and/or brand damage. Although Spotify declined to comment on why they partnered with the Oshry sisters or whether their past is a factor in the show’s lack of advertising, based on how the company has handled Breaking Bread, it appears that the firm is aiming for the Oshrys’ sizable fan base without the baggage.

    Even though Breaking Bread isn’t extremely inflammatory, its release coincides with a period in which Spotify is being extra cautious. Geller referred to the company’s announcement of the Safety Advisory Council as “a government assisted internal coup.” The company also announced a new contract with Integral Ad Science to strengthen its brand safety analytics for advertisers.

    However, at a time when social audio is struggling, the firm is also attempting to improve Spotify Live (formerly known as Spotify Greenroom), and Breaking Bread may be its biggest hit yet. The Oshrys will be difficult for the business to ignore if they keep putting up figures.

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