Orders For New Steam Decks Will Not Be Shipped Until At Least October

    If you’re interested in the Steam deck but haven’t booked it yet, we recommend booking it now. Valve has updated the Steam Deck page to reflect that existing bookings will not be available until the third quarter of 2022. So you shouldn’t expect to obtain one of your mobile gaming PCs until at least October.

    If you’re interested in a Steam deck, we recommend arriving early and paying the $ 5 deposit. In a review, my colleague Sean Holllister stated that Steam Deck is essentially an early access game system, although he enjoyed a lot of the devices. After the third quarter’s availability window. Also, if you decide not to continue your order, a $ 5 deposit will be reimbursed.

    Since the second quarter of 2022, there has been good news for crew members.
    New bookings were previously restricted until the second quarter of 2022, but it appears that demand is great enough for Valve to extend the order timeline until the end of the year.

    There is, however, some good news for those who have made reservations for the second quarter of 2022. Some people are anticipating to be able to order in the third quarter, according to Valve. (You can check the Steam Deck page to see if your order has been updated.) My personal reservation is currently in the Q3 category.)

    Digging In More Details

    On February 25, Valve received the first wave of Steam Deck orders, and on Monday, it sent out the second batch of order emails. Every Monday, the company will send a new order email, which you can purchase within 72 hours of receiving. Valve announced in February that people who ordered during the first quarter will receive an email by the end of March and would begin going through the second-quarter backlog in April.

    Valve also revealed on Monday that by the end of 2022, Steam Deck will be available in more countries, including Japan. Other than Japan, it is unknown which countries will be able to order the device.

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