Google Claims That The Latest Version Of Chrome For Mac Outperforms Safari

    Google is adamant about claiming the top spot in browser performance, and not just on its own platform. Chrome 99, according to the firm, is substantially quicker on macOS and Android, with significant benefits on Macs.

    What’s New?

    Chrome is reportedly 7 percent faster overall than Safari, with 15 percent faster graphics, thanks to a speed-focused “build optimization technique” and refined graphics processing — it even outperforms Safari in Apple’s own Speedometer benchmark on an M1 Max-equipped MacBook Pro, according to Google.

    Chrome is roughly 43 percent faster than it was when the first M1 Macs debuted in late 2020, according to the internet pioneer. One of the most significant advancements occurred in late 2021, when Google released a new JavaScript compiler that benefited Apple Silicon very well.

    What’s More?

    Android users should also experience a significant boost. Because of improved navigation, which prioritizes “important” interface moments, Chrome on Google’s mobile OS is 15 percent quicker (based on aggregated real-world data). Of course, performance isn’t precisely comparable between this and Safari on iOS, but if you rely on the mobile web, it could make a significant difference.

    Digging In More Details

    The promised speedups may or may not be reflected in your individual experience. We also don’t rule out the possibility of an Apple response in the near future. As Apple and Google change their browser code to beat each other and attract customers, there’s a long history of back-and-forth. In that regard, the Chrome speed improvement could be beneficial just to encourage competition.


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