Only Iphone 14 Pro Models Will Have The A16 Chip

    According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, only the iPhone 14 Pro models will have the “A16” chip, while the standard iPhone 14 models will keep the A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13.

    According to Kuo, the A16 chip will be used in the 6.1-inch ” iPhone 14 Pro ” and the 6.7-inch ” iPhone 14 Pro Max,” while the A15 chip will be used in the 6.1-inch ” iPhone 14 ” and the 6.7-inch ” iPhone 14 Max.”

    What’s New?

    The two less expensive iPhone models, which keep the same chip as last year, could be a big new point of contrast between the regular and “Pro” iPhone models. In the future, it’s possible that Apple will only sell a new chip with the “Pro” models, before rolling it out to the two less expensive iPhone models the following year.

    All four iPhone 14 models are expected to have 6GB of memory, with the ordinary iPhone 14 models having LPDDR 4X memory and the iPhone 14 Pro versions having LPDDR 5 memory, according to Kuo.

    What’s More?

    Kuo’s allegation contrasts with a rumour from Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, who said that the iPhone 14 Pro variants would have 8GB of RAM, the same as the Samsung Galaxy S22 models. Pu, on the other hand, has a shaky track record when it comes to Apple speculations.

    He was correct about HomePods with 3D sensing cameras appearing Apple 2019, but he was wrong about 16-inch MacBook Pro and iPad Pro versions with mini-LED panels launching in 2021.

    Digging In More Details

    This could cast doubt on the 8GB RAM speculation given that Kuo, a more experienced Apple analyst with a better track record, is suggesting otherwise.

    At the now, the iPhone 13 small and iPhone 13 have 4GB of memory, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 6GB. These figures are the same as they were in the iPhone 12 lineup.

    According to Kuo, all iPhone 14 models will have 6GB of RAM, but the LPDDR 5 memory in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be up to one and a half times faster and 30 percent more power efficient.

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