Dolby Atmos And Other Features In A 15-Inch Soundbar From Polk

    How small can a soundbar be with Dolby Atmos? Polk says 14.5 inches. The new $499 MagniFi Mini AX supports both Atmos and DTS:X. Polk provides a wireless subwoofer with this soundbar.

    What’s New?

    The Sonos Beam is 25.63 inches wide, which I consider a compact soundbar. For a home theatre system, the MagniFi Mini AX looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than a home theatre system. The front has an OLED ticker with important information like sound settings.

    In spite of its size, Polk packed a punch. Beyond eARC HDMI and optical, the MagniFi Mini AX offers Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect audio streaming. It has an aux input and is Roku TV ready. That means you can change sound settings right from the Roku TV’s menus. Polk covered all the bases.

    What’s More?

    You may now wonder how capable a 14.5-inch soundbar is. The MagniFi Mini AX has five speakers, none of which face upward. Polk, like Sonos, virtualizes surround-sound effects at Dolby Atmos height. For an extra $170, you can have the company’s SR2 rear surround speakers.

    Polk claims the MagniFi Mini AX “can produce quality two or three times as expensive.” VoiceAdjust optimizes voice intelligibility across the centre channel, ensuring clear communication.

    Digging In More Details

    On can also convert stereo sound into 360-degree surround sound in 3D mode. Even though this last method isn’t really novel and usually provides mixed results, this soundbar has it. You may also lower the bass or use night mode to reduce rumble when watching late at night.

    Do I expect a soundbar’s audio to blow me away? Incomplete. Laptop and other gadget firms are slapping the Dolby Atmos tag on items that typically sound great but give no more immersion. That so, Polk crammed the MagniFi Mini AX with goodies (including a subwoofer) at a modest $499.

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