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    When it comes to selecting a device on which to read your ebooks, you have a few alternatives. You can always buy a tablet or use your smartphone, but those gadgets are versatile and may be used for a variety of tasks, such as online browsing or Twitter doom-scrolling. If you only want to read books, e-readers are a good option. They’re meant to keep all of your books in a virtual library with restricted functionality.

    What’s New?

    Amazon, one of the e-early reader’s adopters, has dominated the market for years with its Kindle range, which includes numerous distinct versions each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    Each model currently available for purchase is mentioned below. There are occasions when there isn’t a deal for one or more of the products, which is why we’ve listed the most recent sale price.

    What’s More?

    While newer models, such as the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite, are now only available at full price, keep in mind that Amazon provides 20% off all Kindles when you trade in chosen devices, so there are still ways to save money if none of the models are on sale.

    The 10th-generation Kindle is Amazon’s most affordable e-reader, with a regular price of $89.99. The base Kindle was released in 2019 and comes with a front light, 8GB of storage, and ad support. Despite having the same 167ppi resolution as its predecessors, the current model has a higher contrast than previous models.

    Digging In More Details

    The 10th-generation Kindle is regularly $89.99 with advertisements, but it’s currently on sale for $64.99 at Target and Best Buy. The model is available without advertisements for $109.99 on Amazon, which is the usual retail price. However, if you purchase either Kindle device from Amazon, you will receive three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. If you want to buy more than one e-reader, both Best Buy and Amazon are providing $20 discount when you buy two, with the latter using the promo code 2PACK.

    Kindle (Amazon) 2019

    Amazon’s most affordable e-reader now comes with a display front light. The tablet is also a little more comfortable to hold than its predecessor and supports Bluetooth headphones.

    In 2019, the entry-level Kindle and Oasis devices were not the only ones to get a makeover. The Kindle Kids, which delivers age-appropriate content for younger readers who prefer digital books, was also announced and published by Amazon for $109.99 ($20 more than the original Kindle at normal MSRP).

    The device, a case, a two-year extended replacement guarantees (in the event the device breaks), and one year of Amazon Kids Plus subscription are all included with the Kindle Kids Edition. Apart from the kid-friendly designs, the device’s major selling point is that it allows parents to give their children free access to a digital library of kid-friendly literature like Percy Jackson and The Hobbit.

    On the deal front, the alternatives are a little restricted right now. Despite the fact that the Kindle Kids recently dropped to $59.99 – its lowest price to date – it’s now only available for $109.99 at Amazon and Best Buy, which is its usual retail price. Both companies are also providing a $20 discount if you buy two, although Amazon asks you to use the coupon code 2PACK at checkout to get the discount.

    Kindle Kids (2019)

    A Kindle, one of four cases, a one-year membership to Amazon Kids Plus, and a two-year extended warranty are included in Amazon’s kid-friendly bundle.

    The 11th-generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite includes USB-C capability, a longer battery life, and a larger, 6.8-inch display. However, given how recently the new e-reader was released, we haven’t noticed many discounts yet. Thankfully, the previous-generation device is still available for significantly less than the usual retail price.

    The Kindle Paperwhite 2021 is available in three different models: an 8GB model with advertisements for $139.99, an 8GB model without ads for $159.99, and a 32GB ad-free Signature Edition for $189.99. The latter is identical to the basic Paperwhite, except it includes Qi wireless charging and a sensor that adjusts the illumination automatically as needed. Similar to the Kindle Kids, Amazon has released a $159.99 Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition, which includes a kid-friendly cover, a two-year extended replacement guarantees, and a year of Amazon Kids Plus. All of the 2021 versions have a waterproof design and support for Audible audiobooks, just like the 2018 model.

    While the ad-supported Kindle Paperwhite was recently reduced to $109.99 around Valentine’s Day, it’s presently only available for $139.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. However, if you purchase the e-reader from Amazon, you’ll get three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. Best Buy, on the other hand, is providing a $20 discount if you buy two.

    The 2021 Paperwhite is also available as part of a package that includes a power adapter and either a fabric or leather cover for $189.97 or $179.97, both of which are $20 discount. The 32GB ad-free Signature Edition is also on sale for $249.97 ($20 off) at Amazon as part of a reduced bundle that includes a “cork” cover and a wireless charging port.

    Unfortunately, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is now only available at Amazon and Best Buy for $159.99, its regular retail price, or as a two-pack for about $300. To get the $20 price on a pair, you’ll need to enter the coupon code 2PACK at Amazon.

    Paperwhite Kindle (2021)

    The 6.8-inch E Ink display on Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite offers an adjustable colour temperature for nighttime reading. A speedier processor, longer battery life, IPX8 waterproofing, and, finally, a USB-C connection are all included.

    Kindle Paperwhite Signature (Bundle Edition)

    The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has the same look and functionality as the new base model, but it comes with extra storage, an automated light sensor, and Qi wireless charging. A wireless charging dock and a cork case are included in Amazon’s current package, which is highlighted here.

    Kindle Paperwhite For Kids From Amazon (2021)

    The Amazon Paperwhite for Kids is the same as the new base model, but it’s ad-free and includes a two-year hardware protection plan, one year of Amazon Kids Plus, and a choice of three kid-friendly covers.

    While there are presently no price drops on the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite (apart from the bundle discounts), retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy frequently reduce the price of the previous-generation device to $89.99 during key shopping holidays and sales events.

    The 2018 e-reader is currently available on Amazon for $109.99 ($20 down) in an 8GB ad-supported configuration and $129.99 ($30 off) in a 32GB version. In addition, Amazon is offering the last-generation Kindle Paperwhite in specific colour combinations as part of a bundle. These bundles come with an 8GB e-reader with ads for $179.97 or a 32GB e-reader with ads for $209.97, as well as a fabric case and a power adaptor.

    Bundles of Kindle Paperwhite Essentials (2018, ad-supported)

    The fourth generation of the Paperwhite e-reader is waterproof, with a better display and longer battery life than the prior model. The Essentials Bundle from Amazon also includes a fabric case and a power adaptor.

    The Kindle Oasis, which starts at $250, is the costliest of the bunch. The smartphone is available in two storage configurations: 8GB or 32GB, and you may have it with or without adverts on the lock screen, much like the other variants.

    The 2019 Kindle Oasis resembles the previous model in appearance. It keeps its waterproof, 300ppi E Ink display and Bluetooth connectivity for Audible audiobooks. It can, however, modify the colour temperature to a yellow-toned display, making it easier to read at night, unlike prior models.

    We’ve seen the 8GB Kindle Oasis dip to as low as $174.99 in the past, which is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for that configuration. While there are no offers on the Oasis directly right now, Amazon configurations start at $249.99 and include three months of Kindle Unlimited for free.

    The 8GB Oasis with advertisements costs $249.99, while the one without ads costs $269.99. The 32GB version is $279.99 with ads or $299.99 without ads if you need additional storage. Best Buy also has the ad-supported base model for $249.99 and the 32GB version for $279.99, with a $20 savings if you buy two. The same deal is also available on Amazon, where you can save $20 on a pair of shoes by using the discount code 2PACK.

    If you’re searching for a bargain, Amazon has the Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle on sale for $30 off its regular price in some configurations. Right now, you can get the 8GB ad-supported model for $279.97 or the 32GB model for $309.97, both of which include a power adapter and a fabric or leather case.

    Oasis On Kindle (8GB)

    The display on Amazon’s flagship e-reader has been updated to be warmer, making it easier to read at night or in different lighting circumstances. Like the Paperwhite, it’s also IPX8 waterproof.

    Bundle Of Kindle Oasis Essentials (Ad-Supported)

    The third-generation Amazon Oasis has an IPX8 water resistant rating and a warmer display that makes it easier to read at night or in different lighting settings. The Essentials Bundle includes a leather case, a power adaptor, and three months of Kindle Unlimited at a discounted price.

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