Google Created A Cool Smart Light That Isn’t Available For Purchase

    Over the years, Google has sold some fantastic products, including Pixel phones, Home/Nest smart speakers, and the stunning (though expensive) Pixelbook. With the “dLight” bulb, Google is dipping its toe into smart lighting, but you’ll likely never be able to buy one unless Google is signing your paychecks.

    Ben Gold, a Google designer, recently tweeted a snapshot of the item, which is styled just how you’d expect a Google light to be. The all-white fixture has a circular base with the light sitting on a vertical pillar, similar to a modern desk lamp. The lamp can tilt up and down, allowing it to beam down on the desk or forward toward your face, presumably to improve video conference lighting.

    The dLight includes an Assistant logo and Wi-Fi connectivity, so we’re looking at standard control via Home, according to FCC documents. The lamp includes a number of presets and a configurable colour temperature, despite the lack of RGB activity.

    If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost Google employees to acquire one of these beauties on their desks, it appears like it’ll cost around $170 to $180. It’s a shame the dLight won’t be offered to the general public; it appears to be a great tool for home workers. If you truly want one, you can always update your résumé and apply for a job at Google – it’s that simple.



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