A Content Advisory Will Be Added To Podcasts That Address COVID, According To Spotify

    Spotify has been in the limelight globally for providing a vast array of songs that we all love and have enjoyed more especially since the arrival of COVID-19. However, Spotify has had more reasons to steal the show. Spotify Technology SA will add a “content advisory” to each podcast episode that includes a discussion about COVID-19, according to CEO Daniel Ek, after coming under fire from rock and folk heavyweights for giving voice to misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.

    “This new initiative to prevent disinformation will spread out to countries throughout the world in the coming days,” Ek said in a blog post published Sunday. “This content advisory from a major podcast platform is the first of its kind, as far as we know.”

    Prince Harry and his wife Meghan also expressed their concern to Spotify about Covid-19 misinformation on their platform, according to a representative for their Archewell organisation, and are dedicated to continuing to work with the company. Listeners will be directed to a Covid-19 portal, which will include facts and information from medical and health professionals as well as links to trustworthy sources.

    Following Neil Young and Joni Mitchell’s announcement that they will withdraw their music from Spotify in protest of the popular streaming service’s facilitating the dissemination of misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines, the decision was made.

    Young was upset that his song was being played on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Rogan, a well-known vaccine sceptic, has generated controversy with his views on the pandemic, government mandates, and coronavirus vaccines. Earlier this month, 270 scientists and medical professionals signed a letter to Spotify urging that the business take action against Rogan, accusing him of spreading misinformation on the show.

    Brene Brown, the host of the Spotify-only podcasts “Unlocking Us” and “Dare to Lead,” said on Saturday that she would “not be posting any podcasts till further notice” in a tweet. Brown was unable to comment right away. Spotify is also implementing platform standards for its authors, according to Ek’s post.

    “We believe we have a critical role to play in facilitating creator expression while maintaining the safety of our users,” he said. “In that capacity, it’s vital to me that we don’t take on the role of content suppression while still ensuring that rules are in place and that those who disobey them suffer consequences.”


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