Zoom For Mac Has Been Updated To Fix An Issue That Keeps The Microphone On After Meetings

    If you’re a Mac user and your microphone is still active after your Zoom meetings, here’s how to fix it.

    Zoom has acknowledged a fault that causes the microphone on Macs running macOS Monterey to stay on even after leaving a conference, according to The Verge, and the app’s version 5.9.3 upgrade can only solve it.

    According to a post on Zoom’s community forum, users have been complaining about the problem since December.

    The orange recording indicator light in the Control Center shows when Zoom isn’t being utilized, according to The Verge. The indicator light is a privacy feature introduced in Monterey that alerts a user when an app is utilizing their microphone.

    This certainly prompted some privacy worries, especially since Zoom previously had a severe privacy problem on Macs. In 2020, the company was accused of deceiving users by claiming to offer end-to-end encryption when it didn’t.

    Zoom “experienced a bug relating to the Zoom client for macOS, which could display the orange indicator light continue to appear after having exited a meeting, call, or webinar,” a Zoom spokesman later added on the page.

    The issue will be resolved by updating Zoom to version 5.9.3, which was issued in late January, according to the spokesman. In a December 5.9.1 update, Zoom “fixed an issue about the microphone light indicator being triggered when not in a conference on macOS Monterey,” according to the release notes, but it appears that this remedy didn’t work for everyone.

    In an emailed reply to The Verge, Zoom spokesperson Matt Nagel said, “The Zoom client for macOS 5.9.3, published on January 25, 2022, fixed a fault with the failure to correctly discontinue the microphone use post-meeting.”

    He continued, “This problem did not result in audio data being communicated back to Zoom’s platform, according to Zoom. As always, we urge that customers update their Zoom client to the most recent version.”

    On a Mac, users can update Zoom by opening the Zoom desktop client, choosing your profile image in the top-right corner of the window, and selecting “Check for Updates,” according to the outlet. Zoom will look for and install the most recent update automatically.


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