Youtube Vanced Has Been Forced To Closed By Google

    Because Google has threatened to sue the developer of the YouTube Vanced app, the popular YouTube software for Android devices will be shut down. YouTube Vanced, for those who are unfamiliar, is one of the most widely used applications in the community.

    What’s New?

    Furthermore, the patched program provided users with the option of streaming their favourite YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Furthermore, the modified program comes with a comprehensive set of functions.

    Furthermore, consumers were not required to pay a single cent in order to take advantage of convenient features such as background playback. Following the announcement on the Vanced Official Twitter account, the product’s developers announced the product’s discontinuance.

    Aside from that, they mention that the download links for the app will be inaccessible for the next few days due to maintenance.

    What’s More?

    If you already have the app installed on your Android smartphone, it will continue to function properly. It is, however, likely that it will cease to function sooner or later.

    Google had previously addressed a cease and desist notice to the owners of YouTube Vanced. As a result, the service’s distribution and development had to come to a standstill.

    In a Discord discussion, a Vanced team admin told The Verge that Google had asked them to erase references to YouTube. In addition, the app’s branding had to be changed, and all ties to YouTube products on their website or app had to be removed.

    Vanced On Youtube Is Closing Down

    In addition, Google has taken rigorous measures against Russian propaganda movies, eliminating them from its video-sharing site. The app’s designers acknowledged the app’s demise via Vanced’s official Telegram channel and Twitter account on Sunday, March 13.

    Vanced gave customers access to a variety of YouTube Premium features for free. It allowed users to incorporate the hate countback and watch videos without adverts, for example.

    Aside from that, the app has a picture-in-picture option that allows users to listen to their favourite music in the background. The software has already deleted all references to YouTube and rebranded itself as Vanced in order to avoid legal action from Google.

    Digging In More Details

    Meanwhile, Google has been working on a strategy to encourage data transfer. Furthermore, the tech behemoth has tightened its stance on unregistered clients like Rythm and Groovy.

    Rythm and Groovy, for those unfamiliar, are Discord bots that allow users to listen to music on a server. These services, however, did not continue once YouTube sent cease and desist letters to the developers.

    Nonetheless, there are plenty of Vanced alternatives on the internet. Users can, however, opt for other similar programs such as Newpipe or simply subscribe to YouTube Premium.

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