YouTube Is Podcasts’ Top Platform


According to a recent survey by the voice actor marketplace Voices, YouTube is the most popular site for listening to podcasts.

To learn more about American podcast listening patterns and trends.

The business most recently conducted a study of 1,002 Americans between the ages of 18 and 69.

What’s New?

The Google-backed video sharing network was favored by 57.8% of the survey’s participants for listening to shows.

Podcasters frequently post entire video episodes of their shows to YouTube, which doubles as a distribution and marketing platform.

A drawback for a podcast player that is commonly used is that YouTube only permits Premium users to listen to audio while on the go.

The is display locked and on in the background.

However, it seems that the business is changing.

In October of last year, the company named Kai Chuk as its first executive in charge of the platform’s podcasts.

Spotify was the second-most popular option after YouTube, with 53.6% of users.

Additionally, Spotify has taken action to increase the accessibility of video podcasts.

What’s More?

Apple Podcasts is used by 41.1% of listeners, while Google Podcasts is used by 37.9%.

Amazon’s choice to include podcasts in Audible seems to have paid off, as 29.7% of respondents indicated that they used the app to listen to podcasts.

The study also provided interesting information about how viewers of YouTube podcasts interact with and respond to advertisements.

Live-read advertisements are preferred over pre-produced ones by 70% of YouTube users.

Half of all listeners want YouTube podcast adverts to be more relevant to the podcasts they are now listening to and more tailored.

Two out of every five YouTube users prefer their ad to appear during a podcast break.

Two out of three YouTube users prefer their podcast ads to be “obviously” advertisements.

Digging Into More Details

This is an interesting commentary on how the distinction between advertisements and content is becoming increasingly hazy.

Additionally, 64% of listeners said they wished advertisers to produce more interesting, interactive advertising.

For podcasters and the platform, determining the right ad lengths is essential since, on average, a YouTube listener would stop a podcast if an ad lasts longer than 38 seconds.

However, if done properly, podcast advertising on YouTube might encourage listeners to make purchases.

YouTube listeners paid an average of $143 on items they bought after hearing a podcast ad, more than double the industry average of $133.