Watch The Halo Series Premiere For Free Now

    YouTube has made the Halo series premiere available for free.

    No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke; the first episode, titled “Contact,” is currently available on YouTube and does not require a Paramount Plus membership.

    What’s New?

    There are a few caveats, though. The Halo premiere, for starters, is only accessible for a week, ending on April 7. It’s also region-locked, which means that those who don’t have access to Paramount Plus yet, such as the United Kingdom, will have to wait for Master Chief to arrive.

    Interested in finding out what all the excitement is about? The Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) is a Spartan super-soldier who has been trained since childhood to be the UNSC’s sword and shield, Earth’s military branch in the 26th century.

    What’s More?

    The show then spirals out into an excitingly unfamiliar plot for video game enthusiasts, remixing Halo’s known characters and problems to create a novel drama on Paramount Plus. The first two episodes are now available on the streaming service, with additional episodes dropping every Wednesday.

    While the program is improving – we dubbed Master Chief’s treatment in Halo episode 2 “something deeper and more emotionally resonant than it had any right to be” – it hasn’t been without controversy.

    Digging In More Details

    Master Chief, to use a pun, is the first to take off his helmet. Kiki Wolfkill, a 343 executive, told us, “There was a lot of discussion going on.

    ‘Let’s see what this story needs,’ we thought as we started the process… We had a feeling the helmet would have to come off.”

    If you’re still in the mood for Master Chief after seeing the trailer, check out our ultimate list of the finest Halo games.

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