Twitch’s New Service Promises To Make It Easier For Streamers To Make A Consistent Monthly Income

    Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has launched a new Ads Incentive Program (AIP, pronounced ape), which lets broadcasters to keep doing what they love while receiving a “guaranteed monthly income.”

    It’s worth mentioning that the new scheme is only open to affiliate or partner streamers who meet certain criteria.

    Twitch is expected to send such streamers an incentive offer outlining the various incentives they are eligible for, which are based on the amount of commercials run per hour and total hours streamed.

    “We designed the Ads Incentive Program for two key reasons: streamers need consistent and predictable income, and managing ads may be a hassle that takes time away from creating content,” says the company. reads Twitch’s blog about the new program.

    According to Twitch, if you stream for 40 hours per month and run two minutes of commercials per hour, you will make $100. Similarly, if you stream for 40 hours a month and run four minutes of ads every hour, you will earn $500.

    Streamers can also create their ad schedule and continue streaming without worrying about commercials airing at specific times because the application is developed on top of Ads Manager.

    Twitch’s blog post reads, “We want to relieve creators from additional management obligations so you can focus on doing what you love with the community you love.”

    Streamers can earn more money at their usual rate if they stream for longer than the required number of hours, and if a creator opts out of AIP, Twitch will pay them a prorated sum based on the number of hours they streamed.

    Originally, streamers were compensated based on the number of individuals who watched their advertising (the more people who watched ads, the more money the streamer made).

    The new initiative, on the other hand, wants to allow streamers to keep streaming without having to worry too much about audience.

    If you’re a Twitch streamer, go to the Ads Manager section of your Creator Dashboard to see if you qualify for the new programme, or learn more about AIP here.



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