Tweetdeck For Mac Will Be Discontinued July 1

    TweetDeck, the social media dashboard tool for management from microblogging site Twitter, will no longer be available as a standalone Mac Programme as of July 1.

    According to 9To5Google, when launching the TweetDeck for Mac Programme, Twitter has started putting a blue banner at the top informing users that it would only be accessible for another month.

    The TweetDeck team tweeted, “We are bidding goodbye to TweetDeck for the Mac app to focus on making TweetDeck even better and testing our new Preview.”

    “It will be available until July 1st,” it added.

    According to the article, TweetDeck for Mac was updated last year to bring it in line with the web version.

    The firm noted at the time that the app had received “a lot of love” and that it was an example of “a Twitter-owned and operated service that we will continue investing in.”

    Another odd aspect of the TweetDeck Mac app’s abrupt termination is that, as a website wrapper implementation, it should not require any maintenance work for Twitter.

    The microblogging site released a new and improved version of TweetDeck last year. It was testing the new features with a small number of users in the United States, Canada, and Australia at the time.

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