Tik Tok’s Twitch-Like Subscription Service Launches Thursday

    Twitch, Youtube, Trovo, and Instagram are all about to face increased competition. Tik Tok has announced the launch of a Twitch-like live service, which will be available in beta on Thursday. According to a spokeswoman for Tik Tok, the company stated in January that it would be experimenting paid subscriptions, allowing its creators to charge subscriptions for their work.

    What’s New?

    Instagram rival Instagram revealed earlier Wednesday that a small group of influencers would be able to purchase paid subscriptions. TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, already enables tips, which let viewers to donate money to producers through their accounts. Video viewers can also leave comments.

    What’s More?

    According to TikTok’s @TikTokLIVE creator account, the service will go into beta testing on May 26 with a small group of creators who have been asked to participate.

    Several creators have already informed their followers of their participation in the new beta, and there will be a huge number of gaming broadcasters that will participate as well.

    Digging In More Details

    Artists, vloggers, beauty experts, ASMR creators, Spanish-language creators, musicians, dancers, and others have been asked to check out subscriptions on TikTok. For usage with subscriptions, each has created their own emotes.

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