Redesigned Google Home App With Interactive Buttons

    As reported by 9to5Google, the Google House app is getting a makeover that should make it much more user-friendly and accessible.

    The upcoming Android 2.49 upgrade will allow you to interact with your gadgets from a single screen, similar to the instrument control panel found on Android 11 and higher smartphones and tablets.

    What’s New?

    According to the update’s release notes on the App Store, Google appears to be aiming to make the app far more user-friendly than it is now, stating that it will have to help you “quickly find what you’re looking for, reduce your appropriate lighting, and change the tune quantity in a snap.”

    Specific to this feature are the following: you’ll be able to tap a device to turn it on or off, slide left or right on various areas, such as lighting or the audio system, to modify the brightness and volume, and long-press a tool to see more possibilities.

    What’s More?

    Google House was awarded its final primary design alternate in 2018 — and later gained buttons to change the colour of your lighting — but it has stayed largely unchanged since then in terms of overall look and feel.

    Thus, we are left with an inefficient app that requires us to tap into each and every tool in order to make specific modifications (even though there are nonetheless some single-tap controls like turning issues on or off).

    Digging In More Details

    Although Google has stated that the redesign would be implemented “over the next couple of weeks,” it is likely that simply owning the most recent version of the app on either iOS or Android will not be sufficient to see the changes in action.

    Some customers, such as Mishaal Rahman, a former editor in chief of XDA-Builders, have successfully side loaded the two.49.1.8 update on Android and gained access to the brand new settings.

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