PSA: Starting Tomorrow, New Amazon Prime Subscribers Will Be Charged Extra

    For new customers, Amazon Prime will see its first price hike in four years starting tomorrow, February 18th. The annual cost will increase from $119 to $139, or from $12.99 to $14.99 if paid monthly. If you pay monthly, you’ll have no choice but to accept the hit after tomorrow. The cost of the Prime Students membership plan will rise from $6.49 to $7.49 per month, according to Variety. All of this information may be found on Amazon’s Help Page.

    However, if you have the financial resources to pay for an annual Prime membership in advance, doing so today will save you $20 over doing so tomorrow. This commits you to a year of service for $119 at the company.

    Current Prime users can put off worrying about it until March 24th, a day before the same price hikes take effect. While the deadline is a little further down the calendar, it’s never a bad idea to figure out whether or not you want to keep using Prime. If you want to renew your Prime membership for another year, you may gift yourself a Prime Membership for $119 Through March 25th, then activate it once your current subscription expires.

    Prime is a wonderful deal if you’re a frequent online shopper (or just someone who orders goods for the house on a regular basis). It includes access to Prime Video for TV series and movies, ad-free music streaming, and more, in addition to fast, free shipping on most products. It also grants you access to Prime Day, Amazon’s annual members-only sale bonanza, which is similar to Black Friday in terms of shopping.

    Despite the price increase, Amazon has made no announcements about new Prime benefits. According to analysts, the price increase tackles Amazon’s increased costs across the board.


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