Nintendo Is Developing A New Wii Sports Game For The Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo has introduced Nintendo Switch Sports, a follow-up to the popular Wii Sports series for the Nintendo Switch. The game will once again allow players to assume a character and use the Joy-Cons’ built-in motion controls to play a number of sports. Tennis, bowling, and Chambara (Sword Play) are all included, as they were in prior Wii Sports games. Volleyball, soccer, and badminton will be among the additional sports included in the game.

    While Nintendo Switch Sports aims to replicate the same easy motion-controlled gameplay that made the previous two games so popular, it also adds some depth for those who want more from the game. The game will contain the Joy-Con leg strap made popular by Ring Fit Adventure, which will allow players to kick their way into a shooting mode in soccer. Later this year, an update will introduce this functionality to soccer matches. Golf, which was first featured in the original Wii Sports, will be added to another content update expected for this fall.

    Online play will be available for all of the game’s sports. Players can compete against their friends or be matched against players from all over the world at random. When it comes to matchmaking, performance does matter: The better opponents’ players face the more matches they win.

    Nintendo Switch Sports will be released on April 29, 2022, but players with an active Switch Online membership will be able to take part in an online play test from February 18 to February 20. Bowling, Chambara (Sword Play), and tennis will be offered, but only random matchmaking will be employed, which means that users will not be able to play against their friends during the test.


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