New OneDrive Features Mark Microsoft’s 15th Anniversary

    Microsoft celebrated OneDrive’s 15th anniversary. The corporation also praised each and every user for using OneDrive in its press release. Microsoft also disclosed that it would be bringing fresh, user-friendly features to OneDrive.

    OneDrive And Its Evolution

    Microsoft announced its cloud storage option in August 2007 to make file sharing and synchronization simpler.

    There was significant growth in the first five years, particularly when businesses began utilizing Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office 365) for cloud-based productivity and collaboration.

    People are now managing their personal photos, professional emails, and data utilizing mobile devices.

    According to the company’s blog published today, OneDrive has taken over as the central file system for all Microsoft 365 file experiences.

    New OneDrive Home functionality

    OneDrive Home has been redesigned to make it simple to resume work and catch up. OneDrive will soon highlight your most crucial files and display a summary of your most recent updates so you can choose where to start working immediately.

    Recent OneDrive Home Views

    The documents you require for your morning work will be accessible. You can filter by file type using the buttons on the Recent File List (.docx,.pptx,.xlsx, and.pdf). To view the launch guide and complete, click Word.

    The Activity Column

    The Activity column in OneDrive displays hidden comments and updates on shared documents. Additionally, all shares, @mentions, comments, and tasks issued by collaborators are listed in the Activity column in My Files, allowing you to see which reviewers have submitted remarks that need to be addressed.

    Quick Access Section

    To make document libraries easier to find, you can pin them to OneDrive Home’s Quick access section.

    OneDrive Provides A Collaborative Files Experience Throughout Microsoft 365

    For Microsoft 365, OneDrive offers a reliable file-sharing experience. It offers a more user-friendly sharing experience across Office program, OneDrive, SharePoint, and teams, enabling you to manage access settings for both individuals and groups as well as provide access to information, set granular sharing rules, and check who you’ve shared files with.

    Familiarity With The Files

    You’ll have a similar experience whether you’re accessing ordinary and private channel files, creating shortcuts to OneDrive from SharePoint or Teams, or viewing, moving, or copying files in OneDrive or the Microsoft Teams channel.

    Photo Story On OneDrive

    OneDrive’s new preview feature, “OneDrive picture story,” gives you a new method to share your memories by allowing you to upload them to an invite-only, private stream. To encourage genuine conversations through photos, it provides comments, reactions, and notifications.

    Australian users may now access the feature on Android, iOS, and web browsers. The business also states that it will introduce the new function at the end of 2022, starting in the US and other countries.

    OneDrive Home Experience Availability

    OneDrive Home will be accessible and usable in the coming months. Users of OneDrive for Business and Students will be able to access this new OneDrive for Web landing experience

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