Netflix Will Soon Begin Focusing More Of Your Favorite Genres And Categories

    Netflix’s TV interface is getting a revamp, with a new “Category Hub” menu on the left rail that highlights category recommendations based on your viewing history.

    What’s New?

    Despite the fact that Netflix’s UI appears to change every time you load it, the Categories menu usually appeared underneath the Popular, Trending, and Continue Watching rows.

    It not only lists common genres like humor, action, horror, and so on, but it also emphasizes collections themed around specific holidays (such as Earth Day). The top three alternatives will now be personalized to each user, rather than being listed in the same order for everyone.

    What’s More?

    However, how exact Netflix recommendations will be is unknown, which is a shame. Netflix categorizes its content into thousands of tremendously granular “genres,” which range from “Critically аcclаimed Goofy Movies from the 1980s” to “Rаunchy Slаsher аnd Seriаl Killer Movies” and “War Movies for ages 8 to 10,” as you may know.

    The company uses these categories to propose new material, but you may add them manually if you wish. Netflix is keeping its recommendations simple and straightforward.

    Digging In More Details

    Based on the press release and images it’s sharing about its new Category Hub, and your experience scrolling through the app’s usual rows will be unaffected.

    That, in my opinion, is cowardice! Why don’t you tell Netflix about my undying love for “20th Century Period Pieces for Hopeless Romantics”? Sure, it won’t assist the company’s shrinking subscriber base, but it’ll be entertaining at the very least.

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