iOS 16.2 Allows Reporting Accidental Emergency SOS Activations


According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s upcoming big iOS update, iOS 16.2, will enable you to report an accident when Emergency SOS has been activated.

If the feature activates, for instance, after riding a roller coaster, this would be a helpful way to communicate data with Apple.

What’s New?

The new collision detection feature in the iPhone 14 series initiates Emergency SOS if it suspects you’ve been in a car accident and you don’t answer.

Emergency SOS can be activated immediately after an accident and can notify emergency services and relay your location to specific contacts.

Earlier this month, he informed emergency personnel about an accident in Lincoln, Nebraska.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the feature has unintentionally activated for certain riders on roller coasters, leading to calls to 911 for situations that are not actually emergencies.

What’s More?

He also activated for a person whose iPhone went off his motorcycle; the owner was unharmed, but his family was alarmed when they got text messages informing them that he had been in an accident.

According to an unnamed Apple spokesperson who talked to the Wall Street Journal, the collision detection tool is “very accurate at detecting serious crashes” and its algorithms have been validated with more than a million hours of driving and real-world data.

Digging Into More Details

This new reporting option, which was added to the first developer build of iOS 16.2 on Tuesday, shows that Apple is receptive to feedback from iPhone 14 owners that can help it improve its collision detection algorithms.

When you exit Emergency SOS mode on iOS 16.2, you will get the report prompt.

The first developer beta indicates that iOS 16.2 will be a significant update. Along with the new Emergency SOS report prompt, Apple also updated the HomeKit architecture, launched the Freeform whiteboard app, and enabled support for Stage Manager’s external display for iPads with M1 chips in the iPadOS 16.2 beta.