Instagram Now Allows Silent Alerts


To temporarily turn off push notifications while using Instagram, follow this link.

Users who attempt to message you on the platform are automatically informed by the function known as Quiet Mode that you have not been alerted.

Teenage users of Instagram are explicitly urged to activate silent mode “if they spend a certain amount of time on Instagram late at night.”

What’s New?

The platform does not, however, indicate how long kids must spend using the app to receive the alert or what period it deems “late night.”

Narration by meta-speaker Liza Crenshaw, the leading edge. The alert will show up in “a few minutes.”

Additionally, it will display an “in silent mode” status on your profile to let other users know you’re using the feature.

When you return to the platform, it will also show you a list of any alerts you could have missed.

You may configure specified times for the functionality to switch on automatically, just like with Facebook’s silent mode.

What’s More?

Meta is offering a variety of additional ways to manage suggestions on Instagram by its mission to reassure parents (as well as those who aren’t fans of the platform’s recent turn to video).

After testing the function last year, Instagram is expanding its Not Interested button, which enables you to mark particular kinds of content you don’t want to see.

In contrast to what the platform “wants to avoid” in Reels and Search, Instagram allows you to conceal several content items on the Explore tab.

Digging Into More Details

Similar to how the platform already enables you to hide Direct Messages (DMs) with terms you don’t want to see, you can also add a list of words, hashtags, or emojis you want to avoid in the captions of recommended content on Instagram.

However, TikTok could be able to get something that Instagram lacks. It is testing a prompt that enables you to mute notifications and set sleep reminders.

I’m confident that Instagram will launch this functionality shortly, given the current course of events.