Instagram Is Developing New Techniques To Hide Postings


Instagram is experimenting with new options for controlling what users see.

In a blog post, Meta says its experiments include the option to choose several topics and flag them with a “Not Interested” button. Users can tag individual posts, but not in bulk.

What’s New?

Instagram will soon explore a means for users to block terms, phrases, emoticons, and hashtags in recommended posts.

TikTok rolled out a similar keyword-based feature in June, allowing users to “dislike” videos to push their algorithm toward what they want to watch.

What’s More?

The latest Instagram controls were implemented not long after users expressed their outrage at the platform’s mounting modifications.

Aside from the films, many Instagram users have expressed dissatisfaction with the volume of suggested content coming from profiles they don’t follow in their feeds. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted will only rise in the future.

Digging Into More Details

There are already a few options on Instagram to modify your feed, including B. Delaying suggested posts for 30 days and adding users to a “favorites” list to prevent overflowing postings from those accounts.

It makes sense to add more settings to the Explore page to fine-tune your algorithm. As it strives to rival TikTok, Meta is more concerned about discovery.