Hundreds Of Temporary Testers Are Being Converted Into Full-Time Workers With Perks At Epic Games

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    Epic Games has revealed that it is employing full-time funded employees based in the United States. On the verge of something big. O It’s a computer game. Quality Assurance (QA) testers and other “qualified” contract employees are being added to the developer’s portfolio.

    Epic Games has announced that it is hiring full-time, salaried employees in the United States. We’re on the edge of something significant. O It’s a computer game, after all. The developer’s portfolio is being expanded to include QA testers and other “qualified” contract personnel.

    Quality assurance (QA) testers make up the’majority, but not all.

    On the edge, Epic spokesperson Elka Lux said the game company will hire “a few hundred” contractors, “most but not all” of whom will be quality assurance (QA) testers. Looks has confirmed that all employees will be eligible for Epic Games’ US employee benefit plans and would be employed directly by the company. Temp agencies such as Eastridge, Hays, and Nextaff are currently employing quality assurance testers and other staff for the studio.

    Lux also stated that the corporation will continue to hire temporary employees for “short-term need.” He had no additional information on what other sorts of unit workers Epic would be hiring (apart from quality control labs) and did not identify which people would be excluded from the offer.

    What’s More?

    Epic’s decision to make contract workers full-time employees comes at a time when workers and large game production companies are at odds; it’s also a significant step toward improving working conditions for QA testers and other staff. Activision’s Raven Dismissed dozens of quality assurance tests in December. It was at this point that the Federation of Gaming Workers withdrew, followed by the formation of the Federation of Gaming Workers.

    Epic is no exception to the game industry’s reputation for subjecting employees to extraordinarily long hours (often without pay) during “crisis” periods. After its release in 2019, Epic was welcomed with criticism. Long working hours were revealed by employees to help keep the hugely popular battle royale on track. It’s an electronic game that meets fan expectations. In response to staff concerns, Epic Games later closed its studios for two weeks.

    Epic Games scrapped a COVID-era policy that enabled staff to take time off every Friday last year, which irritates employees who argue that having an extra day off is advantageous. Young Horses, Crow Crow, Die Gute Fabrik, and other indie developers have switched to a four-day workweek.


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