How To Use Shazam On Iphone Without Installing

    azam is the classic program for identifying a music that is currently playing and that the user is unfamiliar with. It is required to download it, like other platforms, in order to use it, or so most people assumed, as those with an iPhone may use it without having to download the app.

    This capability will be available starting in 2020. It happened when Apple launched iOS 14.2, which included new emoji including the “frustrated Italian hand motion” and bubble tea. Among the new features was the ability to use Shazam without having to download the program.

    What’s New?

    This is due to its ability to integrate Shazam song detection into the iPhone Control Center. With a few simple steps, you can access this feature immediately from the lock screen.

    When Apple bought Shazam in 2018, it made the app ad-free for everyone and finally integrated its music identification feature right into iOS; you don’t even need to download the app to find out what song it is.

    Because you don’t have to unlock your phone to use Shazam, you can identify a song on the radio (even if you’re wearing headphones) or a street without having to stop walking.

    What’s More?

    To dazzle everyone with your ‘deep music knowledge’ and utilize Shazam from the lock screen, all you need is iOS 14.2 or later and these steps:

    To begin, ensure sure Control Center is accessible from the lock screen:

    • Go to Face ID and Password in the Settings menu (or Touch ID).
    • Make sure Control Center is set on and scroll down to “Allow access while locked.”

    Then, in the Control Center, add Shazam:

    • Go to Control Center > Settings.
    • Tap the green icon next to Music Recognition in the “More Controls” section to add it to the “Included Controls” list.
    • Move it up or down in the Control Center list to change its position (touch and hold the three bars to the right of the icon).

    At the conclusion of the setup, the Shazam symbol will appear in the Control Center. On a phone with Face ID, swipe down from the top of the screen, or swipe up from the bottom on a phone with Touch ID, to access the lock screen.

    Digging In More Details

    Then, while listening, tap the Shazam icon to enable music recognition: the icon will light up and flash. In a few moments, a notification with the music and artist will show, or a message stating that no result was found.

    You may also ask Siri to identify a music using Shazam, which will come in handy if your hands are full. To take advantage of this iPhone feature, follow the instructions above and make sure Siri is turned on on the lock screen.

    Otherwise, simply say “Hey Siri, what music is playing?” or something along those lines. She will respond that she is listening, and Shazam will send her a notification once the music has been identified.

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