Google Docs Simplifies Code Formatting

    A new feature in Google Docs will make it simpler to see code understandably.

    The business said it is expanding its “Smart Canvas” system by introducing code blocks that automatically add the proper space. Color coding for several programming languages, including Python, C, and JavaScript.

    What’s New?

    Before it, Google Docs required workarounds or add-ons to make code appear decent, which wasn’t always the most comfortable solution.

    Even though it wasn’t the end of the world, it’s crucial for documentation to ensure that the code is displayed appropriately.

    What’s More?

    When there are more than one or two lines of code, it’s much simpler to read when different parts of the code are displayed in different colors.

    Google claims you can access the feature by selecting the appropriate language under Insert > Building Blocks > Code Block.

    Digging Into More Details

    The menu can also be accessed by typing “@ProjectAssets” into your document, as you would access the emoji picker.

    The feature will only be accessible to those with specific membership tiers.

    Google’s blog post states that some customers may not even have it until January 18, depending on their workspace settings.


    According to the company’s press release, you won’t have access to it using a personal Google Account, an old G Suite account, or other Essential and Starter Workspace tiers.

    Even though I have to accept that more giant corporations tend to find this feature most beneficial, it is a bit unfortunate for amateur programmers attempting to develop instructions for their APIs.

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