Google Appears To Be On A Buying Spree For Audio Startups

    According to a recent story from Protocol, Google has been purchasing up multiple audio hardware businesses over the last year or so. The fact that Google is thought to have invested tens of millions of dollars on firms and patent portfolios. They are related to audio hardware, 3D audio, noise cancellation, and Bluetooth technology could indicate that it plans to extend its audio product line. It is also said to have hired staff from the companies in numerous situations.

    What’s New?

    Google has a long history with audio products. It has launched numerous generations and versions of wireless earbuds, and its Nest Audio smart speaker is marketed as “all about sound.” However, it does not currently provide the same range of products as Apple or Bose. The purchases might help Google develop new items such as on-ear headphones or more feature-rich earbuds.

    What’s More?

    Google appears to be investigating bespoke audio chips.

    Some of the hires and job advertisements mentioned in the report point to the possibility that Google is also developing custom silicon for audio products. That strategy might make sense. Apple’s headphones employ a bespoke chip, while Google has a history of developing specialist hardware, such as security and image processing chips. For the Pixel 6, it even developed its own SoC.

    Digging In More Details

    As Protocol points out, several of the transactions appear to be more interested on patents than on technology or personnel. After Sonos sued Google (again) for patent infringement related to smart speaker technology, the spate of acquisitions began. Due to a judge’s finding that it had really infringed on Sonos’ patents, Google had to delete some functionalities from specific smart home devices – it’s hard to conceive that Google wants to keep making existing or future goods worse due to intellectual property conflicts. Having its own set of audio patents could help prevent this from happening in the future.






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