The Plastic In The Galaxy S22 Could Have Come From Discarded Ocean Fishing Nets

    The Galaxy S22 will be unveiled later this week by Samsung. It’ll be the phone series that reintroduces the Note form factor, but in Galaxy S garb. During the forthcoming Unpacked event, Samsung will also unveil the Galaxy Tab S8 flagship tablet. The Galaxy S22, on the other hand, is without a doubt the most anticipated device at the show. On Monday, Samsung made a Galaxy S22-related revelation, disclosing that future Galaxy devices will use plastic from discarded fishing nets found in the ocean.

    Will The Galaxy S22’s Back Be Made Of Plastic?

    The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 aren’t mentioned in the press announcement. The declaration, however, was not made by chance. Samsung has stated that the new plastic substance will be used across the board. It all starts with the new Galaxy devices that will be unveiled at Unpacked on February 9th. The Galaxy S22 series and the new tablet are the two.

    In a press release, Samsung claims to have developed a new material. It’s meant to breathe new life into “ocean-bound polymers as they’re incorporated into numerous Galaxy gadgets.”

    “This new technology innovation is a significant step forward in the company’s mission to deliver concrete environmental actions and protect the world for future generations,” Samsung said.

    However, it’s unknown what kind of plastic components the Galaxy S22 will include. A few years ago, Samsung resorted to creating flagship handsets out of plastic. The cheapest Galaxy S21 model, which has a plastic back panel, was affected by the decision. However, reports this year said that all three Galaxy S22 phones would be made of glass.

    Aside from recycling the fishing nets Galaxy S22 plastic, Samsung’s environmental project focuses on the 640,000 tons of fishing nets abandoned and discarded each year, according to the press release:

    To put it another way, Samsung’s initiative might help the firm recover a considerable amount of plastic from the ocean. That’s a noteworthy endeavour that extends beyond the Galaxy S22 line. At Unpacked, Samsung will go over the process of recycling fishing nets from the oceans in further detail. It will be interesting to see how much plastic Samsung plans to make from the recycled nets.

    To return to Samsung’s Galaxy ambitions for the year, the Galaxy S22 isn’t the company’s only highly anticipated new handset. Samsung will shortly announce the Galaxy A53 mid-range smartphone, a device that is expected to sell in the millions this year. And this is a phone with a plastic back rather than glass.




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