Fujifilm’s New X-H2 Boosts APS-C Camera Resolution

    Fujifilm’s next X-series camera pushes things cautiously after years of 20-megapixel APS-C mirrorless cameras.

    What’s New?

    Fujifilm announced a 40.2-megapixel X-H2 camera with 8K video at its X Summit event in New York City today.

    This pro-oriented camera boasts the same CPU, in-body stabilization, two paper slots, a physics viewfinder, and more as the X-H2S. It’s the same camera with a bogus sensor for megapixel aficionados.

    The X-H2S will cost $1,999.95 in September (body only).

    This announcement contains 2 Fujinon lenses: a $999.95 portrait lens and a $2,499.95 ultra-wide-angle zoom.

    The Fujifilm GFX 56mm zoom lens won’t be available until October. This lens replaces a 2014 model. Fujifilm’s widest mean format lens, the GF 20–35mm f/4 R WR, covers 16–28mm afloat.

    Fujifilm X-H2 looks like the May teaser. It’s the X-H2S assembly with a resolution-focused sensor.

    What’s More?

    20fps @ 1.29x crop with H2’s physics shutter. The X-slower H2’s sensor creates a rolling shutter in stills and video.

    The mechanical shutter gives the X-H2 inactive 15fps at full resolution. The X-H2S has a faster physical shutter speed than the X-H2, however, rolling shutter effects may limit its ability to record blackout-free moving photos.

    Multi-shot boosts the X-native H2’s 40.2 MP. Fujifilm’s Pixel Shift Combiner software combines 20 pixel-shifted photos for a 160-megapixel image.

    X-H2 supports 8K @ 29.97fps. Despite its higher resolution, it lacks unrestricted gross recording and 120fps 4K footage compared to the X-H2S. The X-H2S sports a rear-mounted “S” symbol.

    Digging Into More Details

    The X-40.2-megapixel H2’s sensor isn’t stacked, hence it has slower burst shooting and readout rates.

    The X-H2 features the same high ISO as the X-H2S (12,800, expandable to 51,200), but a lower base ISO of 125. H2’s X-tradeoffs are understandable for a sub-$2,000 camera.

    Canon, Nikon, and others have adopted this two-pronged camera style for years. Fujifilm’s medium-format horses won the megapixel race.

    Fujifilm is one of the only brands without a full-frame strategy, so its APS-C must please users who desire high-resolution stills, video, speed, and versatility.

    The X-H2 employs the $199.99 X-H2S cooling accessory for longer video signaling periods. Both may use the $999.99 FT-XH File Transmitter grip, which releases in October.

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