Following The Release Of The Flawed Android 11 Upgrade, NVIDIA Released An Update That Resolves Shield TV Devices

    What You Should Know

    NVIDIA’s Shield TV devices are getting a new update.

    The update fixes storage and playback issues that were introduced with the Android 11 release.

    The 9.0.1 upgrade is expected to arrive in the “coming few days.”

    One of the best streaming devices has been tainted by a problematic Android 11 upgrade, but it appears that NVIDIA is now ready to solve the issues with a new update that’s currently going out to its Shield TV devices.

    Shield Experience 9.0.1 is being rolled out to solve issues that surfaced after NVIDIA launched Android 11 to its Shield TV devices in January. This includes issues with playback as well as storage permissions and PLEX Media servers.

    NVIDIA had previously offered hotfixes to solve the issues, but they needed more effort and were not Google certified. They also have some limitations, such as the inability to undo the HotFix or download/update Disney+ via the Play Store.

    According to the changelog on the NVIDIA blog, this official update should fix the problem. The following are the most notable changes in the update:

    Fixes the PLEX Media Server problem

    Storage permissions for media players, file browsers, and emulation Programmes have been fixed

    When playing interlaced content, the stutter is fixed

    The update also offers patches for YouTube TV, access to Kodi system files, and a slew of other audio, accessory, and other problem fixes. SHIELD Experience Upgrade v9.0.1 ( is currently available for Shield TV devices and will be available over the “coming few days.” With any chance, this update will restore normalcy to Shield TV devices.

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