Chris Evans’ iPhone 6S “Rest Easy, Pal,” He Tweets

    Chris Evans, an actor, tweeted a brief obituary to his devoted iPhone 6S to announce that it has finally died.

    What’s New?

    The voice of Lightyear tweeted on Thursday, “RIP iPhone 6s.” “We enjoyed our run. Your home button will be missed. I won’t miss the daily struggle to persuade you to charge. or your blurry photos. Or your battery suddenly lowers from 100% to 15% to completely dead in a matter of minutes. A wild ride it was. Relax, buddy.”

    It’s simple to see why Evans would have had problems with his iPhone in the days before its tragic demise. The iPhone 6S, which was released on September 25, 2015, was a member of Apple’s 9th generation of smartphones, which was quite some time ago. By smartphone standards, the iPhone 6S is outdated because it was dropped when Apple unveiled its 12th generation of devices in 2018. We’re in the fifteenth generation right now.

    When the iPhone 6S was still quite new, it did experience a few unforeseen power issues, for which Apple provided battery replacements in 2016. Evans might have accepted this offer, but it’s unknown. But even if his iPhone 6S had operated flawlessly at the time, any smartphone would struggle to last seven years without a single issue.

    What’s More?

    Evans’ decision to wait until now to upgrade his phone is not unusual, despite the iPhone 6S’s advanced age. Evans has never given the impression that he enjoys owning the newest technology, despite the fact that he is an internationally renowned actor and undoubtedly has the money to purchase a new phone.

    “Greetings, Technology! Remember the 1990s, when all you did was work?” In 2019, Evans tweeted. “My TV, thermostat, lights, music, refrigerator, security cameras, and f-ing automobile don’t need to have “smart” features. You really get on all of our nerves. You don’t merit it.”

    To be among the first to purchase the newest phone, some tech fanatics would figuratively stand in line. Evans, on the other hand, seems to belong to the group of people who wisely decide to make the most of their technology before looking to upgrade, and who aren’t disturbed by using a phone that was phased out four years ago.

    In his heartfelt farewell, Evans also gave a mention to the home button on his iPhone 6S. The actor may not have decided to upgrade because this feature was eliminated from Apple’s flagship phones with the release of the iPhone X in 2017, which may have been one of the deciding factors.

    Digging In More Details

    For the first Captain America of the MCU, it’s a good thing Apple hasn’t fully given up on the home button. The third generation iPhone SE, which was just released as part of the current series of phones, still employs the home button for biometric unlocking whereas the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro rely on Face ID.

    The iPhone SE is somewhat larger than the iPhone 6S and shares a design factor with the iPhone 8, while its internal hardware is more comparable to the iPhone 13. Evans might make a decent choice from the iPhone SE, which offers more power inside a familiar build, if he wants to continue with Apple’s ecosystem.

    He might not have to make his decision right now, whatever he ultimately chooses. Unless Evans has already hurried to get a new iPhone, it’s possible that his trusty old 6S still has a few breaths left in it: Evans used an iPhone to send the commemorative tweet.

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