Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Now Picks and Throws


The Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot has demonstrated dancing, backflips, and parkour. However, it now has a new talent: the capacity to pick up and fling objects.

The Atlas robot is seen in a recent video (Opens in a new window) throwing a tool bag to a human construction worker positioned on a mock construction site after carrying it up some scaffolding.

What’s New?

To navigate the site and maintain equilibrium, Atlas must employ its sensors and a wide range of capabilities.

The Atlas robot is shown in the video, picking up and setting down a sizable wooden plank to serve as a bridge over the construction site. The machine then picks up the tool bag with two hands and walks across the plank.

The tool bag is thrown toward the human construction worker’s feet while Atlas spins. The machine moves a wooden block out of the path and completes the display by flipping 540 degrees to jump off the building site.

What’s More?

According to Boston Dynamics, the experiment demonstrates how Atlas may assist human construction workers.

Atlas controls lead Ben Stephens adds, “We’re piling on additional capabilities. We’re now attempting to build on that study and undertake significant modifications.

“Parkour and dance were interesting instances of really extreme locomotion.”

Digging Into More Details

The same film highlights how Atlas may eventually replace workers (or possibly lead a robot uprising against mankind).

The Atlas robot is still a research project as opposed to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, which is offered for purchase.

The ultimate objective of Atlas is to develop a “go anywhere, do anything” machine that can carry out any job that a human can.

Atlas team head Scott Kuindersma adds, “Manipulation is a large category, and we still have a lot of work to do.” But this provides a sneak preview of the direction the field is headed. This is robotics’ upcoming technology.