Best Cell Phone Plans For 2022: Monthly Phone Service Alternatives

    It’s time to see if you’ve got one of the best cell phone plans now that spring has arrived. Consider upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S22 or an iPhone SE (2022) to save money on wireless service.

    After all, many top phone carriers offer free phones in exchange for a wireless service commitment. Our research into the best cell phone plans can help you determine if you’re getting a good deal from your carrier.

    Even if you don’t need a new phone, it’s worth looking into the different plans. Carriers change their plans frequently, so your current plan may not be the best option.

    Choosing the best cell phone plan involves more than just picking the cheapest option. Consider which wireless carriers support which phones, as well as coverage and data speeds in the areas where you’ll be using your phone the most. It’s also a good idea to buy a plan from a reputable phone provider to get great benefits.

    Cheaper Plans For Cell Phones

    Simply looking for a low-cost cell phone plan? If you don’t mind sacrificing your data allotment, there are lots of carriers who can offer you a cheaper package.

    You may get away with a plan that offers anything from 1GB to 4GB of data each month if you’re the type of person who just uses social media and the key apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, or general internet browsing on occasion. Depending on which cellular service you select, you can save anywhere from $10 to $15 each month. In reality, three of the four plans below fall inside that price range, and the fourth grows cheaper as time goes on.

    Mint Mobile | 4GB | $15/month

    Mint Mobile has quickly established itself as one of the greatest affordable carriers. Although 4GB isn’t a lot, Mint’s lowest cell phone plan is ideal if you only use your phone for social media, internet searches, and less data-intensive apps like Google Maps. Mint is a clone of T-Mobile, which has 62 percent of the country covered. Preserve in mind that after three months, Mint Mobile will ask you to pay for an entire year in order to keep the $15/month price.

    Pros: Affordably priced, with a reasonable amount of data

    Cons: After three months, the offer changes.

    Tello Economy | 1GB | $10/month

    Mint’s offer is a wonderful plan at a great price… but you can do it for less. Tello’s Economy plan will cost you $10 per month. (As of this writing, a promotion reduces the cost of your first month of service in half.) In this plan, you’ll be limited to 1GB of data usage. While you receive unlimited calls and messages, some people will find the data cap to be extremely restrictive, thus this is truly only for those looking for the cheapest monthly rate.

    Pros: The cheapest cell phone plan available, with unlimited calls and messages.

    Cons: Data is really limited.

    T-Mobile Connect | 3GB data | $15/month

    The T-Mobile Connect plan now gives you 3GB of data each month for just $15. (T-Mobile bumps up the data allotment every year by 0.5GB.) Need more than that? Upgrade to the 6GB T-Mobile Connect option for $25 a month, or opt for the cheap $10/month plan for 1GB of data if your needs are minimal. Still, there’s a big limitation to T-Mobile Connect plan: once you use up your allotment, you’re out of data for the rest of the billing cycle. Many rival plans simply slow your speeds when you hit your monthly limit.

    Pros: Low costs, 500Mb data boosts annually

    Cons: Out of data once you hit your cap

    Verizon | 15GB prepaid | $45/month

    Verizon’s $45 monthly prepaid plan now includes 15GB of data per month. Even with a $5 autopay discount, Verizon’s prepaid offers don’t stop there. Renew your Verizon prepaid plan for three months and save $5. After nine months, Verizon deducts $5. After ten months, you’ll be paying $35/month for the same 15GB of data. Verizon has the best pricing and data benefits, as well as the fastest speeds and coverage. However, unlike other Verizon prepaid plans, this one does not include Ultra Wideband service.

    Pros: Free data for a limited time, excellent coverage and speeds, and nationwide 5G coverage

    Cons: It’s not the cheapest prepaid plan out there, and its missing Verizon’s Ultra Wideband service.

    Plans For Unlimited Cell Phone Use

    Unlike the best cheap phone plans mentioned above, unlimited phone plans can be quite costly. If you’re constantly on your phone, streaming Netflix, checking Facebook, and using a lot of data, an unlimited plan may be worth the extra cost.

    In reality, unlimited data should cost at least $30 per month, with larger carriers charging between $60 and $90. The more expensive plans include more bonuses, like a free streaming service subscription and more bandwidth for hotspots. Most premium unlimited data plans include 5G coverage.

    Verizon | 5G Play More | $80/month

    Verizon has changed its unlimited data plans since upgrading its Ultra Wideband network to 5G coverage. Despite these changes, we still strongly recommend the 5G Play More plan to most customers. Unlimited data plans start at $80 per line and include Verizon’s fastest Ultra Wideband 5G service, 50GB of priority data and free subscriptions to popular streaming services like Disney. Adding lines to your plan lowers the cost per line, which is great for families. The $90/month 5G Get More plan removes this restriction while also providing additional benefits.

    Pros: Comprehensive coverage, free streaming subscriptions, and 5G connectivity

    Cons: For limitless data, it’s not the cheapest option.

    T-Mobile | Magenta Unlimited Data | $70/Month

    T-$70 Mobile’s plan offers a terrific balance of price and performance. While this middle-tier plan lacks several features, such as HD streaming (which can be added for a fee through Magenta Plus), the Magenta plan is worth it at the lower price. When you have two or more lines on your plan, you get unlimited priority data and free Netflix. The Magenta package includes a year of Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus for free.

    Benefits are appealing, and the price is reasonable.

    Cons: HD video streaming is more expensive.

    Mint Mobile | Unlimited Data | $30/month

    Mint Mobile emerges as the most cost-effective alternative, particularly when it comes to unlimited data. Mint Mobile, which uses T-network, Mobile’s will only charge you $30 for an unlimited plan. While that is a fantastic deal, you should be aware that it does come with certain caveats. Mint’s speeds — both 4G and 5G — begin to degrade after 35GB of data usage, and Mint’s plans can become quite expensive after three months, with significant upfront expenditures to achieve the best rates. If these two drawbacks deter you, Visible’s $40 unlimited subscription is an excellent alternative.

    Pros: The most affordable overall unlimited package, with 5G speeds

    Cons: There are speed limits, and the fee increases after three months.

    Visible | Unlimited Data | $40/month

    Not everyone will want to pay in advance for Mint’s finest cell phone package. In that situation, Visible’s $40/month unlimited data plan is a good option, as it’s the second-lowest unlimited data plan we’ve seen. Because Visible is a Verizon MVNO, you’ll get access to Verizon’s network, which includes 5G service on eligible devices. As you add more lines, the per-line rate also decreases. If you want to give Visible a shot, you can now sign up for a free 15-day trial to try it out on your current phone.

    Pros: Low cost, good network performance

    Cons: If the network is congested, data may be impeded.

    AT&T | $85/Month Unlimited Elite Plan

    AT&T’s highest unlimited data package is more expensive than T-Mobile and Verizon’s greatest cell phone plans. However, it has benefits that other plans do not, such as free access to HBO Max, one of the greatest streaming services available. Furthermore, the Unlimited Elite plan no longer has any data consumption caps, ensuring that your data speeds are never slowed. You’ll also get 4K streaming when it’s accessible, as well as 40GB additional hotspot data than before. The Elite option, like AT&T’s two lower unlimited plans — Unlimited Starter costs $65 per month and Unlimited Extra costs $75 — provides six months of Google Stadia streaming game service for free.

    Pros: Unlimited 5G data, HBO Max for free, and more hotspot data

    Drawbacks: Expensive

    Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus Plan I $70 Per Month

    Consider Google Fi if you’re thinking about getting a Pixel 5a or Pixel 6. The Pixel 5a is now available only through Google’s wireless service, and the phone is designed to seamlessly move between different cellular networks for the greatest coverage. (Google Fi also sells other network-optimized phones, such as all three Galaxy S22 versions.) Google Fi’s unlimited plan is similarly reasonably priced at $70 per month, with additional line savings available. More importantly, you can use your Google Fi Unlimited Plus plan in over 200 different countries with no service interruptions or additional charges, making it one of the best international phone plans available.

    Pros: Excellent for foreign travel and tailored for Pixel phones.

    Cons: There are less expensive solutions accessible elsewhere.

    How To Select The Best Cell Phone Plan

    Looking for the finest cell phone plans can be expensive, especially if you want to purchase many lines for your family. The entire cost of your plan should be compared based on the number of lines you need serviced.

    But monthly phone plans are about more than simply money. You should also evaluate who has the best coverage in your area and whether they support your phone. If you want to switch wireless providers, you should ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers about their coverage at home and work.

    Concerning switching carriers, the big carriers are all willing to cover some of the costs. These deals do change, so keep a look out for new carrier deals if you’re considering switching.

    If a carrier offers 5G service in your location, you can benefit from faster speeds if you have the correct 5G phone. Its Magenta Plan includes 5G coverage, and unlimited Metro By T-Mobile users can use 5G towers with a compatible smartphone. For 5G, AT&T formerly required their most expensive unlimited data plans, but now any unlimited plan qualifies. Verizon presently offers complete 5G coverage in three of its four unlimited plans, but not in the cheapest, Start Unlimited. AT&T and Verizon now cover 5G for prepaid users with unlimited data.


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