Spotify Tests NFT Artist Galleries

    Spotify has most likely begun experimenting with non-fungible token (NFT) NFT Artist Galleries on artist pages.

    What’s New?

    According to The Verge, the music streaming platform has begun testing NFT previews for artists such as Steve Aoki and The Wombats for some Android users in the United States.

    “Spotify is testing NFT Artist Galleries whether it can help a limited group of artists advertise their existing third-party NFT offers through their artist profiles,” a Spotify spokeswoman told Music Ally.

    What’s More?

    “We do a variety of tests on a regular basis in order to improve the artist and fan experience. Some of these assessments pave the way for a more extensive encounter, while others are only useful learning tools.”

    Spotify did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Verge.

    According to the story, Spotify would also allow listeners to “See More,” which will take them to the NFT’s website on OpenSea, where they may purchase it. However, it appears that Spotify does not accept NFTs that are movies or GIFs.

    Digging In More Details

    The app simply displays a static image of the NFT, not the entire movie. It is likewise devoid of sound. By visiting the NFT’s page on OpenSea, users can just listen to it or view if it’s a video or GIF.

    Spotify will not receive a percentage for any NFT sales made through the app, according to Music Ally, and is only testing the connection.

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