Fujifilm Is Working On A Fix For A Problem That Could Make Some Files Unavailable On Macos

    FUJIFILM Inc. develops, manufactures, sells, and supports image, information, and document solutions. Imaging Solutions, Information Solutions, and Document Solutions are the three segments through which it works. Color films, digital cameras, optical devices, colour paper, photofinishing services and equipment, instant photosystems, and other products are handled by the Imaging Solutions section.

    According to a message on Fujifilm’s website, the company is working on a patch to fix an incompatibility issue that prevents owners of some X-series and GFX-series cameras from accessing some of their files on macOS. Users who have written over 4,000 files in-camera to a single folder on their SDXC card and then try to view those files using an internal or external card reader linked to their Mac will encounter the problem, according to the post. The issue has been present since at least May 2021. The problem, according to Fujifilm, emerges when there are “more than 4,000” of them.

    According to user reports dating back at least to May 2021, the actual amount appears to be 4,096 files stored in a single folder on the memory card. In that instance, the issue is still the same: While users connect their memory card to their Mac, they can only view 4,096 files, despite the fact that when the SDXC card is in their camera, they can access more photographs and videos.

    The GFX100, GFX100S, GFX50S II, X-Pro3, X-T4, X-S10, X-E4, X-T30 II, and X100V are among the cameras affected. Other cameras, like as the GFX50S (version 4.00 and above), GFX50R (version 2.00 and higher), and X-T3 (version 2.00 and higher), are only affected if they have a certain firmware version (version 3.20 and higher).

    Fujifilm advises users to be especially cautious about properly ejecting memory cards in the post, and to follow the measures provided on Apple’s website. Some files may be destroyed if the memory card is not properly ejected and then “attached directly and accessed a second time using macOS,” according to the company.

    Customers with new or recently formatted SDXC cards should avoid keeping more than 1,000 photographs in a single folder on the camera, according to Fujifilm. Fujifilm recommends creating a new folder on the camera and saving any extra photographs there once a folder contains nearly 1,000 images. The firm provides thorough instructions on how to simply download files from SDXC cards that already have files on them to your computer.

    Fujifilm is working on a firmware update to “limit the number of files that can be written to a single folder,” according to the company. It will be a free update for all impacted X- and GFX-series cameras, but there’s no word on when it will be released.


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