Apple Fears New EU Rule Enabling Third-Party App Stores

    Apple is concerned about the planned European Union (EU) digital law, which would oblige the company to allow users to install software from sources other than the App Store.

    The Digital Markets Act (DMA) would force Apple to allow customers to install programs from third-party sources (also known as side loading) and let developers to utilize the App Store without using Apple’s payment mechanisms, in addition to permitting third-party stores.

    What’s New?

    “Some elements of the DMA will create unwanted privacy and security vulnerabilities for our consumers,” Apple told The Verge, “while others will prevent us from charging for intellectual property in which we have invested heavily.”

    The owner of a smartphone, according to European Commission spokesperson Johannes Bahrke, should be able to choose how to use it.

    “This independence includes the ability to download software from different sources on your smartphone. The DMA would allow a smartphone owner to choose from alternative safe app stores if they so desired “Added he.

    What’s More?

    The DMA might take effect as soon as October of this year.

    On the iPhone, Apple has always chastised side loading.

    According to the business, allowing side loading would compromise the security of the iOS platform and expose customers to major security threats not only on third-party software stores, but also on the App Store.

    Side loading, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, would “break the security of the iPhone.”

    Digging In More Details

    The EU has unveiled comprehensive reforms to reduce Big IT’s market clout, including a new digital act that would allow smaller businesses to compete with US-based tech behemoths.

    If smaller messaging platforms request it, the EU parliamentarians agreed that the larger messaging services (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple iMessage) must open up and interoperate with them.

    Until far, the EU has dealt with antitrust issues on a case-by-case basis, but the DMA aims to implement broad reforms that will affect the entire digital market.

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